Vote Against Yarmouth 1 is the place to find out what the proposed Sex Offender Residency Restriction Ordinance is all about. We encourage you to Know the Facts before you vote on November 8th.

Know the Facts.

Protecting children from Child Sexual Abuse is a complex problem which cannot be solved by the proposed ordinance.  The ordinance as worded is “feel good” legislation and will not accomplish the goal to keep children safe.

The problems with this ordinance are:

  1. Residency Restrictions do not protect children. 93% of child victims are molested by people they know, not by strangers.
  1. Gives a false sense of security that Yarmouth is “doing something” about sex offenders in our community rather than educating people and children about sexual consent and how to keep children safe.
  1. Disregards the need for offenders to have a stable supportive community: meaning it is better for everyone if offenders are known in the community than shunned.
  1. Ignores the facts about child molesters; that 93% of offenders are known by their victim
  1. Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine, Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and the ACLU, all oppose this ordinance.
  1. Police, Probation officers, neighbors, families and church communities are already dealing effectively with monitoring convicted sexual offenders.
  1. Pushes offenders to live in more remote areas, away from public awareness – thus it actually creates more risk where monitoring is more difficult.
  1. Reduces sex offenders to stereotypes instead of acknowledging the real risks; assumes that all sex offenders are predators.


Read the ballot question and proposed ordinance here: